• El futuro ya está aquí, sólo que desigualmente repartido - W. Gibson
  • La Tierra sólo se puede salvar, dice Sterni, si el hombre desaparece. -¿Los socialistas también? regunta Lenni. -También. - A. Bogdánov
  • Me sentí como un punk que hubiera salido a comprar una navaja automática y volviera a casa con una pequeña bomba de neutrones - W. Gibson
  • —¿Un sol azul? —dijo Karellen, no muchas horas más tarde—. La identificación no puede ser muy difícil - Arthur C. Clarke
  • Aun así, en ese brillante interior había un núcleo oscuro, un indicio de algo encapsulado - Alastair Reynolds
  • De pronto, vio lo fértil que era el terreno en el cual había caído, y dándose cuenta de ello, la terrible finalidad volvió a él, inundándolo de aquel espacio vacío en algún lugar de su interior, sofocándolo con el dolor. - Frank Herbert
  • El cielo sobre el puerto tenía el color de una pantalla de televisor sintonizado en un canal muerto - W. Gibson
  • Hace frío señor, en este campo —dijo el señor Tagomi—. Podemos regresar al centro de la ciudad en el helicóptero de la Misión, ¿le parece correcto? - Philip K. Dik
  • ¿Que es el ciberespacio? - El mundo - W. Gibson
  • Tengo sus anotaciones, estaban en su escritorio - Philip K. Dik
  • Esta formación constituye, en su totalidad, un desarrollo tridimensional de algún tipo de ecuación de orden superior - Stanislaw Lem
  • De nuevo la mezcla de rojo y verde, mirándole desde la naturaleza - Kim Stanley Robinson
  • Había un lugar en el Nostromo donde Dallas ocasionalmente encontraba algunos momentos de completa intimidad y al mismo tiempo se sentía razonablemente seguro. Era como una matriz artificial - Alan Dean Foster

#Jolla. Community Intro Series: Topias Vainio

Entrada escrita por: Fernando Lanero Barbero
Community Intro Series: Topias Vainio
Feb 23rd 2017, 11:37

Our latest addition to the fairly recent tradition of introducing key community members to the public via our official blog. Today we have Topias Vainio, a fairly helpful and rather awesome personality in our community who is the pioneer of Sailfish OS Fan Club, Sailfish OS News Network and Sailfish Hack Club Helsinki which is moderated by the help of other community members such as Aleksi Suomalainen and Eetu Kahelin on a communication platform and social media called Telegram. They hold monthly Sailfish OS related meetups in Helsinki which I recommend everyone to join if you happen to live in Helsinki!

Topias, alongside a few other community members will be joining us this year at MWC. It will be his first experience and we are extremely excited to be able to share it with him. It was only fitting to publish this interview right before MWC for people who already don’t know Topias and aren’t a member of his channels.

Let’s get to the interview and get to know Topias!


James Noori: Hi Topias! Please introduce yourself to the community, even though the audience might have a pretty clear picture by now after reading the introductory part of this post, but you could maybe go into more details!

Topias Vainio: Hello James and hello to the wonderful Jolla and Sailfish OS community! I'm Topias Vainio, turning 26 years old soon and living in the Jolla homeland, Finland, near Helsinki in a small town called Kirkkonummi. I'm a long time Sailfish OS fan all the way from the early days and been with Jolla through the ups and downs. Been always interested in tech, computers and smartphones since I got my hands on N-Gage QD running Symbian S60. I'm also working as a Full Stack Developer at Poplatek Oy developing web applications and finishing my bachelor's degree in information technology. Besides programming, my hobbies include gaming and learning Japanese, Korean and Mandarin Chinese.


James: How did you get into Jolla and Sailfish OS? Tell us about your background with Jolla/Sailfish OS and the reason you chose to start supporting us?

Topias: I was very fascinated by the N9 running MeeGo Harmattan and was sad to see it being dead before release but nevertheless it left a strong impression on me. Being an Symbian S60 heavy user and then moved to Android, what really left me stumped about Android was the lack of control over running processes. What I truly loved about MeeGo was the great multitasking feature it offered coupled with a fantastic gesture based UI that provided natural way to interact with a touch screen. Later when I heard about Jolla making a phone running a MeeGo-based Sailfish OS, I got excited about it. I wasn't brave enough to preorder a Jolla phone but after a month or so reading news about it I decided to get myself one. Ever since I've been a supporter of Jolla and Sailfish OS and loved all the energy, effort and hard work put into Sailfish OS, which I truly believe is a fantastic product!


James: You were also one of the attendees at International Sailfish Community Event! Was that your first time meeting the sailors? Tell us a little about your experience and how it went at the event.

Topias: The first time I met the Jolla guys was when I helped them move to another office in Helsinki when they had a lack of manpower because of the layoffs related to the end of 2015 financial problems. I was thrilled to be able to help and meet the Jolla guys so I grabbed the chance. Later I also participated their party where all the movers were invited and got to know the people behind Jolla a lot better. The Sailfish Community Event was an absolute blast and it was nice to see and get to know sailors even more and not forget about the fantastic Jolla C I was so expecting to lay my hands on! I really loved all the great stories, development tips etc Jolla guys presented at the event as well as meeting more of the community from all over the world.


James: Why did you consider Telegram [LINK] instead of any other platform to show your support?

Topias: Telegram in my opinion offers the best and most feature rich platform for open and modern group chat compared to other chat platforms. After many problems with third party Whatsapp clients for Sailfish OS and the closed nature of the Whatsapp platform, a lot of effort had been done to bring a native Sailfish OS client for the direct competitor and open alternative Telegram. A big shout out to Davide Trogu aka Dax89 [link here http://github.com/Dax89] for the amazing Telegram client Sailorgram! Telegram is independent and not backed by big corporations like Facebook or Google which really matches the Jolla company ethos as well. Also Telegram channel was a natural choice for the Sailfish News Network since the community was already formed in Telegram. It has proved to be a very good choice thanks to the link invites, high user cap and bot support, which also enabled us to setup an IRC bridge, which in turn enabled us to connect to Matrix chat platform.


James: How active are the groups you own?

Topias: Sailfish OS Fanclub is currently standing around 218 members plus about 17 people connected through IRC and Matrix so in total 225 members. We have around 15 users writing daily and about 50 writing something weekly. Sailfish News Network has 101 members and Sailfish Hackclub Helsinki 18 members. Sailfish OS Fanclub is a very active group sometimes peaked over a 1000 messages in one day. Sailfish News Network about 2 news articles a month and Sailfish Hackclub Helsinki meets once a month.


James: What topics are usually discussed there?

Topias: Pretty much everything from tech to cats is discussed on the Sailfish OS Fan Club but naturally the discussion is centered around Jolla stuff, Sailfish OS and it's close relatives Nemo, Maemo, MeeGo and Asteroid OS — mostly tech oriented. We have a very free and open policy so we haven't limited the conversation topic to just around Sailfish OS. We want to be open and friendly towards each other just like you, the great sailors at Jolla. I wanted to create Sailfish OS Fanclub so we could have a common discussion platform to deepen our relations towards one another and towards Jolla and I believe we have achieved that goal. We are a group of friends united across the globe sharing our love towards Sailfish OS. Sailfish News Network is a news channel about anything with the word Sailfish OS and Jolla. It also serves as an announcement tool about the happenings in the Sailfish OS Fan Club. Sailfish Hackclub Helsinki is mostly just centered on organizing meetups for our hackclub and aims to teach people about Sailfish OS programming in the Helsinki metropolitan area.


James: Please tell us how would you improve Jolla? What would be the key thing for Jolla to do in order to improve what we do considering the resources we currently have?

Topias: Transparency has certainly improved so that's on a very good standing now. I would like to see Jolla embrace Open Source more on the UI side or at least have better ways for direct collaboration by the talented community. Many members of the community are able coders and would actually be able to provide direct code contributions for Sailfish OS apps and UI. There are a long list of different patches for Sailfish OS UI some of which improve the user experience immensely or fix some problems here and there. We have seen many other ways to contribute but many of the pain points lie in the apps or UI elements which are not open for contributions. Many of us just love the OS so much that we would be willing to contribute to code just because of our love towards Sailfish OS. It could be a huge boon for the Sailfish OS development and would further deepen the ties between the community and Jolla company.


James: How many Jolla devices have you owned? How do you like the experience on different hardware?

Topias: I have all the Jolla branded devices, Jolla 1, Jolla Tablet and Jolla C as well as all the official other halves for the Jolla 1, except nadeshiko pink and stella, plus three 3D printed ones from shapeways. Love all of them and even the Jolla 1 still runs Sailfish OS perfectly! I'm still surprised how sturdy the Jolla 1 feels despite its age, much more than the Jolla C that I'm using as a daily driver. Despite the cheap build quality of the Jolla C, it totally rocks with Sailfish OS and I still get many surprised faces when they see me navigate it so fast and smoothly! The build quality is very good on the Jolla Tablet and excellent hardware, the best of the best! Sadly the most anticipated feature split screen multitasking got cancelled along with the tablet. Hopefully Sailfish OS can continue to be optimized for the tablet in the future.


James: How do you feel about joining us this year for MWC? We know that it is your first time and I personally remember my own first experience at MWC, it was surreal! Tell us about your expectations!

Topias: I've always been following MWC closely since I got my first Android phone and even more closely since I hopped on the Jolla boat. I can't express the excitement I have with words and I feel absolutely honored to have received this invitation to join you sailors! I bet my experience will be nothing short of surreal either and I'm looking forward to see you guys in Barcelona and see what you guys have in store for this event. I can't wait to meet you guys!


James: Any words to the readers of Jolla blog?

Topias: Continue being awesome like you've been up until now. Be nice to each other and to the sailors and have faith in this wonderful little company. Jolla has delivered a fantastic OS against all the odds and continues to battle against the big guys. Thanks to you community members, Jolla is where it is today so please continue showing Jolla the support they deserve!


James: Thank you Topias, for supporting us throughout the thick and thin and thank you for sailing with us! Last but not least thank you for taking part in this interview, I wish you a safe trip to Barcelona! See you there.

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#Jolla. Meet Jolla in Mobile World Congress 2017

Entrada escrita por: Fernando Lanero Barbero
Meet Jolla in Mobile World Congress 2017
Feb 10th 2017, 08:50

This year’s Mobile World Congress is particularly important to us, since we want to showcase our company’s new strategy in a big scale, and convince potential new partners, and the industry of our new path and potential.

We are working tightly together with our licensing partners at the event, and hope to make some positive noise with our new partnership announcements.

Here’s our current plan for the event (will be surely updated before the event):


Sailfish OS booth in Hall 5

Jolla & partners will be presenting the versatile Sailfish OS at our own booth located in Hall 5, 5H19. You can find it close to the south end of hall 5. Click to open the map.

Book a meeting with us!

We have convenient meeting spaces at our booth, and we invite you to book a meeting time with our founders and sales & business development folks.

Send your request to partners@jolla.com, and we will schedule a time for you.

Sailfish OS Press Event on Monday February 27

We will announce new partnerships and major developments in our strategy at the Sailfish OS press event on Monday.

Fira_Congress_Hotel_200pxWhen: Monday, February 27, 2017, 12pm (noon)
Where: Fira Congress Hotel, Carrer Jose Agustín Goytisolo, 9-11. Located just 300m from the main MWC entrance. See map. 

If you are a media representative, and have not received an invitation, you can RSVP to press@jolla.com. Use this email also for interview and media meeting requests.

See you in Barcelona!

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#Jolla. Letter from Jolla CEO: a strong Sailfish year ahead of us!

Entrada escrita por: Fernando Lanero Barbero
Letter from Jolla CEO: a strong Sailfish year ahead of us!
Feb 8th 2017, 08:34

Ahoy all Jolla & Sailfish OS developers, fans, and followers,

A new year has again started, and moved fast to the second month. This is my first post as Jolla CEO, and I'd like to give all of you a proper update on last years' events and what we expect for 2017. Here we go! 

As a summary, the year 2016 was a good one for Sailfish OS and full of deliveries. We launched the Aqua Fish device together with Intex Technologies in India, brought the Jolla C along with the Community Device Program for our dear community, got a major deal and partner in Russia (more about it below), and started shipping with Turing Robotics. Sailfish OS 2.0 is now fully out there and making a mark to the world.

Inside the Jolla company, we've been working hard to stabilize our financial situation throughout 2016. We are now a slightly smaller company than before but with the stronger-than-ever Sailfish community the results have been significant: we've seen many new community ports, Sailfish 64 bit has progressed nicely, and we’ve got a lot of help in translating new Sailfish OS releases. Community has also done a great effort by getting the Android 6 BSP based adaptation and newer working with Sailfish OS, which helps Sailfish OS scale more easily to newer hardware. Overall there's been a lot of contributions to the OS. A big thanks for all our active contributors, keep it up!

Five years of Jolla

Jolla turned 5 years last October. Throughout the journey we've experienced several ups and downs, and even after all the struggles, we are still here together with our strong community, and with new significant partners joining the Sailfish movement. 

The journey we have gone through makes us very strong and puts us in a good position to pursue new opportunities. As we all realize, Sailfish OS is not about Jolla, and thus we have a great responsibility to be very focused and perform super well on chosen items, and be ready to leave some other things on the side. Jolla and Sailfish OS now have a very focused strategy, and our aim is to seriously deliver on that. Let's talk about that.

Licensing and regional strategy carrying fruit

During 2016 we turned our business focus tightly to regional licensing and enabling digital ecosystems in emerging markets, such as the BRICS (*) countries. We have reached first milestones in carrying out this strategy, and our first concrete case is now in full swing in Russia. We have also received a lot of interest from corporate and governmental business sectors for independent and open mobile OS development projects, and for other regional licensing cases.  

I'd like to clarify a few things about our Sailfish OS project in Russia. If you're not aware of this yet, please check out our press release or this good article in Techcrunch

Some people have asked that does this now mean that Sailfish OS will be delivering only to Russia to serve only their purpose. Well, I tell you it simply wouldn't work like that for anybody. We've established a regional licensing model and now issued a license to a Russian partner to co-develop the OS together with all of us. During 2016 we have established a fully working and professional contribution model where the Russian Sailfish developers will contribute their code back to the common Sailfish OS, which Jolla maintains independently and with open access for any interested developers and parties around the world. This also means that Sailfish OS has got new a partner who invests to the development of the code, and all users of Sailfish OS will benefit of it. It is in the interest of all parties to develop and maintain compatibility of one Sailfish OS and not to create forks. 

Next up: China, Latin America, Africa and Mobile World Congress!

Following the Sailfish project in Russia, we are now looking to expand our regional licensing strategy to other markets, in particular in BRICS countries. The massive China market is a key strategic opportunity for Jolla this year, which we'll pursue strongly. Further, we can see emerging interest to Sailfish OS from various markets like Middle-East and Africa, and the Latin American markets. The political movements of the world seem to set the scene in many ways for 2017, and we expect those movements to enable further business opportunities for the only independent mobile OS, Sailfish.

Mobile World Congress, one of the most exciting and biggest events for the mobile industry is again around the corner end of this month in Barcelona. Sailfish OS will be there in collaboration with its partners, and you can expect to hear some new exciting announcements during the week. 

Meet us in Barcelona! If you are planning to attend the event, please come to visit our booth and team in Hall 5 (5H19). 

Tablet refunds and open sourcing

As Juhani communicated in his year-end post, we are committed to making the 2nd round of refunds for Jolla Tablet, as soon as our financial situation permits that. We're not quite there yet but we’re working hard to improve the financial situation to enable the rest of the refunds. I know it is a lot to ask but please bare with us on this challenging journey. We now have a good outlook for the year, and wish to finalize also this project as soon as feasible. 

Previously we've also mentioned that we're working on the further open sourcing of Sailfish OS. We have now taken the necessary steps and preparations to enable us to further open source Sailfish code, in particular in the areas of apps and UI. We have a decision process ongoing but you should expect exciting news on this during upcoming months.

Jolla <3 Community

It's almost a worn-out statement already but seriously: without the Sailfish community we would not be here. Our new strategy is also much dependent on you guys & gals, and thus we want to foster the ever-stronger Sailfish community. We're planning for further Sailfish community devices and programs to empower the community and all Jolla & Sailfish fans. 

Stay tuned, we hope to announce something exciting for you already in Mobile World Congress in a few weeks. Please also keep proposing new ideas to us! We promise to listen and try to turn them into plans and implementation as much as we can with our resources and in collaboration with all the Sailfish developers.

Looking forward to serve all the fans and partners of Jolla throughout 2017, and take us to new heights and success, 

Co-founder & CEO

The post Letter from Jolla CEO: a strong Sailfish year ahead of us! appeared first on Jolla Blog.



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