• El futuro ya está aquí, sólo que desigualmente repartido - W. Gibson
  • Me sentí como un punk que hubiera salido a comprar una navaja automática y volviera a casa con una pequeña bomba de neutrones - W. Gibson
  • —¿Un sol azul? —dijo Karellen, no muchas horas más tarde—. La identificación no puede ser muy difícil - Arthur C. Clarke
  • Aun así, en ese brillante interior había un núcleo oscuro, un indicio de algo encapsulado - Alastair Reynolds
  • El cielo sobre el puerto tenía el color de una pantalla de televisor sintonizado en un canal muerto - W. Gibson
  • Hace frío señor, en este campo —dijo el señor Tagomi—. Podemos regresar al centro de la ciudad en el helicóptero de la Misión, ¿le parece correcto? - Philip K. Dik
  • ¿Que es el ciberespacio? - El mundo - W. Gibson
  • Tengo sus anotaciones, estaban en su escritorio - Philip K. Dik
  • Esta formación constituye, en su totalidad, un desarrollo tridimensional de algún tipo de ecuación de orden superior - Stanislaw Lem
  • De nuevo la mezcla de rojo y verde, mirándole desde la naturaleza - Kim Stanley Robinson
  • Había un lugar en el Nostromo donde Dallas ocasionalmente encontraba algunos momentos de completa intimidad y al mismo tiempo se sentía razonablemente seguro. Era como una matriz artificial - Alan Dean Foster

#Jolla. Closing Jolla Tablet refund round 1: final call for problem cases

Entrada escrita por: Fernando Lanero Barbero
Closing Jolla Tablet refund round 1: final call for problem cases
Sep 26th 2016, 11:53

If you have not received your Jolla Tablet refund from the first round, please continue reading. Others can disregard this message.

As we stated previously we have been busy investigating the remaining failing and unclaimed PayPal payments. We are as good as done but there currently are still 33 people who have been unresponsive to our attempts to contact them, as follows:

  • 16 unclaimed payments – these are payments that were made via PayPal’s Mass Payment service and have not yet been claimed by the recipient.
  • 17 failed payments – these are payments also made via PayPal’s Mass Payment service, which consistently meet payment issues, e.g, payment rejected, account closed, etc.

Regarding the unclaimed payments group, we have remitted payments several times, all unsuccessfully. The most recent payment attempt will expire for the last time on 1.October.2016.

If you are among those with unclaimed payments or failed payments, please

1) check the email address provided to Jolla during the refund survey time window (16.Mar-16.April.2016).
2) follow the steps in here to see if this fixes things, and if not
3) contact us at the latest by date 15.October.2016 so we can still take appropriate action.

Or, if you know someone with unclaimed or failing payments, kindly urge them to take the steps outlined above. After 15.October.2016 we will consider round 1 of Tablet refunding to be closed, and no further 1st round refunds will be executed (other than payments already in the pipeline).

Once again please submit a request by 15.October.2016 to follow up on your refund case after which we will not longer be honoring 1st round refund payments.

On behalf of the whole Jolla Team,

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#Jolla. Sailfish OS update Aurajoki now available for all

Entrada escrita por: Fernando Lanero Barbero
Sailfish OS update Aurajoki now available for all
Sep 9th 2016, 07:47

As a Sailfish OS user, you can now download and install the latest software update released for your Sailfish OS powered device.

The new update is called Aurajoki, which we released as an early access version a few months back.

Aurajoki is a river in the beautiful city of Turku in western Finland. As you may have noticed, we moved away from lake names to river names (‘joki’ means river in Finnish) for our new wave of updates as we wanted to add more motion to the release names.

This new update is one of our biggest releases in a long time, which has required a lot of effort from our developers – we hope you enjoy it!

Highlights of Aurajoki:

  • Gallery: Cloud backup with OneDrive and Dropbox support integrated into Gallery. You can now view your Dropbox and Onedrive albums directly in your gallery in separate folders. Sharing to the cloud can be done only one-by-one for now.
  • Settings: Simplified backup experience in the settings menu. You can now backup your local, non-synced calendar as well. Restoring backups to device will be implemented in the upcoming software release You can store your backups to cloud or to SD card. OneDrive and Dropbox services can be used for storing backups.
  • Browser: Links from other apps are now opened to new tabs
  • Camera: Flash can now be used while shooting videos, and camera launch time is improved
  • People: you are now able to delete and share multiple contacts at once
  • Messages: You can now see the remaining character count for SMS messages, and view the progress of MMS downloads
  • Other: You can now take a screenshot of your phone view by holding down volume up and down keys for 0.5 second

Jolla C and Aqua Fish only:

  • Jolla C’s LTE connectivity issue received a fix. The device now supports all of the featured LTE bands making high-speed LTE connections available in more areas.
  • The dual-SIM capabilities are now seamlessly and natively implemented into the OS. You can choose default SIM for data connections, and cellular features, or you can have cellular features in ask everytime mode and choose SIM when you are sending a message or making a call.
  • Support for Mozilla Location Service positioning assistance, which can use nearby WiFi access points and cell towers to help determine your location.

And that is just a fraction of what our sailors have been working so hard on e.g. in terms of getting everything ready for the new devices Aqua Fish and Jolla C. You can read the full release notes here and the complete changelog here. Please give those links a visit for more information.

Check out basic installation instructions, and if you have any issues try following the instructions to free up space on your device.

We certainly hope this update makes your Sailfish OS powered device, be it the Jolla phone, Jolla C, Jolla Tablet or the Intex Aqua Fish, more enjoyable and practical.

Greetings from the whole Jolla Team!

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Sailfish OS Reviews: Test: compatible batteries for Jolla Phone

Entrada escrita por: Fernando Lanero Barbero
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#Jolla. Limited batch of Jolla C now available in Russia

Entrada escrita por: Fernando Lanero Barbero
Limited batch of Jolla C now available in Russia
Aug 29th 2016, 09:00

We now have some good news for our Russian developer and fan community members! As mentioned earlier in the Sailfish Community Device Program availability, we promised to work on getting the program and Jolla C available also for other key markets, and the Russian community is next in line. Now, together with our partners in Russia, you now have the opportunity to pre-order the device here.

Purchasing the device entitles you to join the Sailfish Community Device Program. You’ll receive an invitation to join the group after you’ve done the shopping, which is expected to happen in the second half of September. This is the time when the shipping is also expected to take place.

It is a very limited offering (just a few hundred devices/places), so better be quick!

Pre-order here

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#Jolla. Sailfish Virgin – my first experience with Sailfish OS

Entrada escrita por: Fernando Lanero Barbero
Sailfish Virgin – my first experience with Sailfish OS
Aug 12th 2016, 14:00

(see original Finnish version below!)

There are quite rarely guest bloggers in blog.jolla.com, but here you have one! My name is Juha Jalonen, and on August 11th I was working in Jolla's Helsinki office for one day. I have a project to try 100 different professions/work places during this year and yesterday it was time for some Jolla work with a title "Sailfish Virgin". My assignment was to get familiarized with Sailfish OS, give feedback and possibly some ideas as well. Here's my report from that day:

I'm using a Jolla C phone running Sailfish OS 2.0. As my title says, I have never touched a Jolla device or used Sailfish OS before. I'm aware of what Jolla as a company does, how it was started, but other than that I'm as green as one can be. 

Now I've played with the OS for a couple of hours, and I have to say that I'm possibly surprised. In such a short time I know the basics of the OS, and more. Back in the day when I switched from an old Nokia phone to iPhone the beginning was a big struggle. Of course that jump was bigger than it is from iPhone to Jolla. 

In this report I give my first impressions on how Sailfish OS works – most of you readers probably already know all of this. But at least for me all of this is totally new. Of course there's a lot more to learn, but I'm quite satisfied of my progress in just a few hours – and I have to point out that I learned all this by myself.    

The missing home button?

I start by checking the tutorial on the phone. This definitely speeds things up a bit, as now I know which way to swipe and when. 

For me the hardest thing to get used to in this short test is the missing home button. In Jolla's web pages it says that "the home button is always under your thumb", but there are no physical buttons.  After a short while of swiping away, the usage became quite natural and I did not really miss the physical button at all. The "button" really was under my thumb all the time.    

The device wakes up by either pressing the power button or double tapping the screen. In the lock screen I can see the clock, date, power indicator, notifications and the current connections. When I pull down I get a menu with three most important shortcuts. From the lock screen I need to edge-swipe to get to the home screen. The application grid is always accessible swiping up from the bottom, no matter where you are or which way the phone is in your hand. In my iPhone I always need to press the home button and if I'm not on the first page of the app grid, I need to press twice. And if I'm somewhere else in the OS I need to press the button several times. Not that hard of course, but apparently this can be simplified quite a bit.      

In the home view I can always see the open applications. By swiping again to the side I access the Events view, and swiping down from there I get a quick access to different tools like the flash light. I'm not yet sure whether these swipes and tools can be customized. To me the Settings is a bit tough to use, mainly because the terminology is so different compared to iOS. I think this part could be a bit clearer. Or at least this is my first impression. 

Peaking to the Home view e.g. from inside an app happens by swiping over the edge and sliding back without lifting your finger. By doing this you don't need to stop what you're currently doing.   

There are of course a lot of other functions and features that I haven't tried yet, but this is such a limited time.  

Quick, but a positive experience

According to web information the first version of Sailfish OS was relatively complex, but to me at least it seems that the version 2.0 is really clear and smooth to use – perhaps the settings could be more clear to me. A lot of improvement has clearly happened.  

All in all, Jolla C and Sailfish OS was a positive and pleasant experience and I'm confident that Sailfish OS can make it big. Of course there is always room for improvement, but I've understood that the OS receives content updates. 

What would I then suggest to change with my short experience? 

I think that the application grid is a natural 'home view', similarly as in iOS, and the lock screen should open to this view. I'd pay more attention to the settings, and would also add a quick access from the lock screen to the camera, especially if a security code is used. How the Android apps work was not fully clear to me, but at least all the ones I got to test, worked flawlessly.   

Change requests like this are of course always a matter of taste. I really believe in Sailfish OS, and if available I'd like to get a Jolla device for my next work phone. If it is not available, then I’d consider perhaps some other device running Sailfish OS. I'm currently using an old iPhone as my work phone, and a slightly newer iPhone as my private device. It remains to be seen if even the private phone could change into a Sailfish OS device.   

I recommend getting to know Jolla and Sailfish OS, if you haven't already. For me this was a nice and interesting experience. Thanks Jolla. 

And please do check out my project article from my blog. It is unfortunately only in Finnish, but that's why you have translators.  

Juha Jalonen

Whatsapp and SMSs +358 40 320 7374
Skype: munblogi

Sailfish Virgin – Ensikosketus Sailfish OS -käyttöjärjestelmään

Jollan blogissa on harvemmin vierailijoiden kirjoituksia, mutta nyt sellainen tulee. Nimeni on Juha Jalonen, ja olin 11.8. päivän Jollan Helsingin toimistolla töissä. Tavoitteeni on kokeilla sataa eri ammattia tämän vuoden aikana, ja kyseisenä torstaina olin Jollan palveluksessa tittelillä “Sailfish Virgin”. Tehtäväni oli tutustua Sailfish OS -käyttöjärjestelmään, antaa siitä palautetta ja mahdollisesti myös ideoita. Tässä raporttini päivästä: 

Käytössäni on Jolla C -puhelin, jossa on käyttöjärjestelmänä Sailfish OS:n versio 2.0. Kuten tittelistäkin voi päätellä, en ole ikinä ennen pitänyt kädessä Jollan puhelinta, enkä ole ikinä ennen tutustunut Sailfish OS -käyttikseen. Tiedän kyllä mitä Jolla tekee, miten yritys ja koko käyttöjärjestelmä on syntynyt, mutta käytönnön kokemusta ei ole ollut ennen tätä päivää.

Nyt olen pari tuntia tutustunut Sailfish -käyttikseen, ja yllätyin positiivisesti. Näin lyhyellä tutustumisella käyttis on jo perusteiltaan hallussa, ja enemmänkin. Aikoinaan kun siirryin Nokian perusluurista iPhoneen, muistan kuinka tuskaa oli opetella iOS. Tosin hyppy perusluurista iPhoneen oli suurempi kun iPhonesta Jollaan.

Tässä tekstissä on lähinnä huomioita ja tietoa miten käyttöjärjestelmä toimii, eli jos olet tottunut käyttäjä, tiedät jo nämä asiat. Mutta minulle tämä on uutta, ehkä myös joillekkin muille. Kaikkea en varmasti tähän saa kirjoitettua, ja kaikkea en vielä edes oppinut… mutta aika paljon parissa tunnissa. Ja tärkeä huomio on, että opin tämän kaiken itse. 

Kotinappi puuttuu? 

Ihan ensimmäiseksi katsoin luurista opetusohjelman, joka aika kattavasti kertoi mihin suuntaan pyyhkäistään ja mitä silloin tapahtuu. Tämä nopeutti käyttöönottoa ainakin jonkin verran.

Itsellseni suurin tottumiskysymys oli iPhonestakin tutun kotinapin puuttuminen. Jolla sanoo kotisivuillaan, että kotinappi on aina peukalon alla, mutta mitään fyysistä nappia ei puhelimesta löydy. Ei mennyt kuitenkaan kauan, kun käyttäminen oli jo ihan luontevaa, eikä mitään painettavaa nappia enää kaivannut. “Nappi” oli tosiaankin aina peukalon alla.

Luuri herää valmiustilasta lukituskytkintä painamalla tai näyttöä kaksi kertaa napauttamalla. Lukitusnäkymässä (aloitusnäyttö) näkyy kello, päivä, päivämäärä, akun tila, onko hälytyksiä sekä käytettävät yhteydet. Kun vedät keskeltä ruutua alas, aukeaa pikavalikko johon saa kome tärkeintä oikopolkua. Lukitusnäkymästä pääset kotinäkymään kun pyyhkäiset sormella vasemman tai oikean reunan yli.  Sovellusnäkymään pääsee kätevästi yhdellä alareunan yli menevällä pyyhkäisyllä, olit sitten käyttämässä juuri vaikka sovellusta, tai oli luuri miten päin tahansa. iPhonessa olen tottunut painamaan kotinappia, ja jos ei ole sovellusvalikon ekalla sivulla, niin painalluksia pitää tehdä kaksi. Jos on jossakin kansiossa sisällä, painalluksia tehdään kolme. Ei siis kamalan vaikeata sekään, mutta näemmä asiat voi tehdä helpomminkin.

Lukitusnäytöltä tai kaikkialta muualtakin voit pyyhkäistä oikealle tai vasemmalle, ja näet aina avoinna olevat sovellukset kotinäkymässä. Pyyhkäise uudelleen, niin aukeaa ilmoituskeskus (tässä kun pyyhkäisee keskeltä alas, aukeaa pikavalikko, jossa on mm. taskulamppu). Sitä en vielä tiedä, saako asetuksista valita itse, mitä milläkin pyyhkäisyllä aukeaa. Asetukset ovat hieman hankala käyttää, tai lähinnä sanasto on vain hieman erillaista kun mihin olen iPhonen kanssa tottunut. Asetukset-valikko saisi olla joka tapauksessa selkeämpi. Se on ainakin ensifiilis.

Puhelimella voi myös kurkistaa vaikka sovelluksen sisältä pyyhkäisemällä oikealle siten, että et irrota sormea näytöstä. Tällöin toiminto ei tapahdu loppuun, mutta voit kurkata vaikka mitä kello on. Palauta sormi vain takaisin siihen mistä aloitit pyyhkäisyn, ja jatka siitä mitä olit tekemässä.

Käyttöjärjestelmässä on tietenkin paljon, paljon muutakin, mutta ihan kaikkea en vielä oppinut tässä ajassa.

Nopea, mutta positiivinen kokemus

Edellinen Sailfish OS on nettitietojen mukaan ollut suhteellisen monimutkainen ja kankea, mutta Sailfish OS 2.0 -versiossa käyttöliittymä on asetuksia lukuun ottamatta selkeä ja sulava käyttää. Ilmeisesti parannusta on siis tapahtunut.

Kaiken kaikkiaan Jolla ja Sailfish OS 2.0 oli positiivinen kokemus, ja käyttis on aika lailla valmis isommillekin markkinoille. Pientä hiottavaa on tietenkin aina, mutta parannuspäivityksiä tuleekin varmaan tasaiseen tahtiin.

Mitä sitten itse parantaisin?

No, mielestäni kun luurin avaa, sen pitäisi mennä suoraan sovellusvalikkoon, joka on esim. iPhonessa kotinäkymä. Siellä toivoisin näkyvän mm. kellon. Asetuksia selkeyttäisin, ja lukitusnäytöltä olisi hyvä päästä suoraan kameraan, varsinkin jos puhelin on lukittu suojakoodilla. Sovellusten toimivuudesta en ihan täysin päässyt kartalle, mutta käsittääkseni Android-sovellusten toimivuus on hyvä. Ainakin kaikki testaamani sovellukset toimivat kuten pitää. 

Kaikista käyttöjärjestelmistä löytyy tietenkin aina parannettavaa, mutta monesti ne ovat vain makuasioita. Uskon Sailfishiin, ja tulen myös hankkimaan Jolla-puhelimen työluurikseni tulevaisuudessa, mikäli niitä tulee saataville. Jos ei, niin sitten joku muu puhelin missä on Sailfish OS -käyttis. Nyt työluurina on vanhempi iPhone. Privaattiluurina on hieman uudenpi iPhone, ja jääkin nähtäväksi, vaihtuuko sekin joskus puhelimeen, jossa on Sailfish OS.

Kannattaa tutustua Jollaan ja Sailfishiin, mikäli se ei vielä ole tuttu. Tämä oli ainakin itselleni mukava kokemus, ja ennen kaikkea mielenkiintoinen sellainen. Kiitos Jolla. Ja tsekatkaa ihmeessä myös projektiartikkelini aiheesta.

Juha Jalonen
Whatsapp ja tekstiviestit 040 320 7374
Skype: munblogi

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#Arch Linux. TeXLive 2016 packages are now available

Entrada escrita por: Fernando Lanero Barbero
#Arch Linux
The latest and greatest news from the Arch Linux distribution.
TeXLive 2016 packages are now available
Aug 6th 2016, 20:35

TeXLive packages have been updated to the 2016 version.

The most notable change is that the biber utility is now provided as a separate package. You can install it normally using pacman.

Pacman hooks are now used in the TeXLive packages so the update will be less verbose than in past years.



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#Jolla. Jolla C shipments & what’s next?

Entrada escrita por: Fernando Lanero Barbero
Jolla C shipments & what's next?
Aug 5th 2016, 11:00

We're happy to tell you that all of the community device program Jolla C devices have now been shipped. These also include the few challenging cases, which for different reasons did not ship during July as promised. So if you were among these rare exceptions, you should receive your device in a few days. We hope you all enjoy your new Jolla devices.  

The Sailfish Community Device Program continues soon in August with the first online sessions – in mid-August we'll arrange two sessions with working titles "Sailfish OS tips and tricks" and "Community Pootle". All program participants will be invited to attend the live sessions, and for others we'll post the sessions later to SailfishOS.org. Our community manager James Noori will email event invitations to you in a few days.      

Any ideas, suggestions or questions related to the community program? Please email community@jolla.com or comment here in the blog. 

On behalf of the Jolla team,

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