• El mundo es distinto ahora, pero los errores son los de siempre - Daniel Cantos Pardo
  • Era el primer viaje que realizaban sin tutor y saboreaban la libertad que con esa excitación que produce todo lo nuevo - Pablo Gonz
  • La falta de créditos retardó en tres años la partida de una verdadera expedición solarista - Stanislav Lem
  • El futuro ya está aquí, sólo que desigualmente repartido - W. Gibson
  • Me sentí como un punk que hubiera salido a comprar una navaja automática y volviera a casa con una pequeña bomba de neutrones - W. Gibson
  • A la mañana siguiente, realizaron su primer anochecer estelar - Diane Duane
  • —¿Un sol azul? —dijo Karellen, no muchas horas más tarde—. La identificación no puede ser muy difícil - Arthur C. Clarke
  • Aun así, en ese brillante interior había un núcleo oscuro, un indicio de algo encapsulado - Alastair Reynolds
  • El cielo sobre el puerto tenía el color de una pantalla de televisor sintonizado en un canal muerto - W. Gibson
  • Hace frío señor, en este campo —dijo el señor Tagomi—. Podemos regresar al centro de la ciudad en el helicóptero de la Misión, ¿le parece correcto? - Philip K. Dik
  • ¿Que es el ciberespacio? - El mundo - W. Gibson
  • Tengo sus anotaciones, estaban en su escritorio - Philip K. Dik
  • Esta formación constituye, en su totalidad, un desarrollo tridimensional de algún tipo de ecuación de orden superior - Stanislaw Lem
  • De nuevo la mezcla de rojo y verde, mirándole desde la naturaleza - Kim Stanley Robinson
  • Había un lugar en el Nostromo donde Dallas ocasionalmente encontraba algunos momentos de completa intimidad y al mismo tiempo se sentía razonablemente seguro. Era como una matriz artificial - Alan Dean Foster

#SAILFISHOS BY #JOLLA. FOSS-North 2018 – OSS community at its finest

Entrada escrita por: Fernando Lanero Barbero

(https://blog.jolla.com/foss-north-2018-oss-community-finest/) FOSS-North 2018 – OSS community at its finest
May 18th 2018, 13:20

On April 22nd and 23rd, we attended a growing OSS event called (http://foss-north.se/2018/) FOSS North in Gothenburg – Sweden. According to (http://foss-north.se/2018/) foss-north.se, "FOSS-North is a free / open source conference covering both software and hardware from the technical perspective. Hosted in Gothenburg between Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm with an international airport, we provide a meeting place for the Nordic foss communities and will bring together great speakers with a great audience." and that alone sounds like a lot of fun for us nerds!
The event was held in the (https://www.chalmers.se/en/Pages/default.aspx) Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. Two of the auditoriums were dedicated to FOSS-North, alongside the main corridor where the sponsors and others had their stands, and where the catering was held during the event so that everyone would gather there during the breaks between the talks. We, as the silver sponsor of the event, naturally had our stand packed with demo devices, bringing a lot of attention to Jolla and Sailfish OS.


FOSS-North hosted a bevy of different speeches during the 2-day period with 25 speakers, 2 of them from Jolla! We held our speech about the history of Jolla and the Sailfish community, continued by a piece of our roadmap for Sailfish X, Sailfish 3, and what is planned for the future. We ended the talk by a rather long Q&A from the audience. You can watch the whole talk below, and also access our slides that we used during the talk (https://sailfishos.org/community/foss_north_2018_04_23/) here.

On top of that, as we always have done, we seized the opportunity to meet with our community from Sweden and Denmark during and after FOSS-North. We gathered in a bar, had some great food, Swedish candies and drinks, with great company. We had generic discussions about Jolla and Sailfish OS, alongside initial plans for having recurring meetups in Gothenburg and the possibility of Jolla attending (https://opensourcedays.org) Opensourcedays in Denmark during October 2018.
In the end we would like to thank the organisers of FOSS-North for an amazing event and also thank our dear community in Northern Europe for being there and supporting us!
The post (https://blog.jolla.com/foss-north-2018-oss-community-finest/) FOSS-North 2018 – OSS community at its finest appeared first on (https://blog.jolla.com) Jolla Blog.



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[ACTUALIZACIÓN] #ARCHLINUX. js52 52.7.3-2 upgrade requires intervention

Entrada escrita por: Fernando Lanero Barbero

The latest and greatest news from the Arch Linux distribution.

(https://www.archlinux.org/news/js52-5273-2-upgrade-requires-intervention/) js52 52.7.3-2 upgrade requires intervention
May 4th 2018, 22:27

Due to the SONAME of /usr/lib/libmozjs-52.so not matching its file name, ldconfig created an untracked file /usr/lib/libmozjs-52.so.0. This is now fixed and both files are present in the package.
To pass the upgrade, remove /usr/lib/libmozjs-52.so.0 prior to upgrading.



Toda la información y las últimas novedades relativas al software libre y a Ubuntu las puedes encontrar en (http://linuxleon.org) linuxleon.org y (http://ubuntuleon.com) ubuntuleon.com.

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[ACTUALIZACIÓN] #ARCHLINUX. glibc 2.27-2 and pam 1.3.0-2 may require manual intervention

Entrada escrita por: Fernando Lanero Barbero

The latest and greatest news from the Arch Linux distribution.

(https://www.archlinux.org/news/glibc-227-2-and-pam-130-2-may-require-manual-intervention/) glibc 2.27-2 and pam 1.3.0-2 may require manual intervention
Apr 20th 2018, 09:45

The new version of glibc removes support for NIS and NIS+. The default
/etc/nsswitch.conf file provided by filesystem package already
reflects this change. Please make sure to merge pacnew file if it exists
prior to upgrade.
NIS functionality can still be enabled by installing libnss_nis
package. There is no replacement for NIS+ in the official repositories.
pam 1.3.0-2 no longer ships pam_unix2 module and pam_unix_*.so
compatibility symlinks. Before upgrading, review PAM configuration files
in the /etc/pam.d directory and replace removed modules with
pam_unix.so. Users of pam_unix2 should also reset their passwords
after such change. Defaults provided by pambase package do not need
any modifications.



Toda la información y las últimas novedades relativas al software libre y a Ubuntu las puedes encontrar en (http://linuxleon.org) linuxleon.org y (http://ubuntuleon.com) ubuntuleon.com.

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#SAILFISHOS BY #JOLLA. Sailfish OS at MWC 2018: A Wrap-up!

Entrada escrita por: Fernando Lanero Barbero

(https://blog.jolla.com/wrapping-up-mwc18/) Sailfish OS at MWC 2018: A Wrap-up!
Mar 28th 2018, 13:59

Every year for the past 6 years we have attended Mobile World Congress alongside our community, bringing Sailfish OS to so many people's attention by showing off new devices running the OS. We host press events packed with journalists, to illustrate to everyone how this duopoly of mobile operating systems is playing out and there is room for change. This year was no different and we brought in many new believers into the world of the only independent and alternative mobile operating system.
There were articles and event coverage on publishers like (https://www.engadget.com/2018/03/01/jolla-sailfish-os-team-interview-mwc/) Engadget, (https://techcrunch.com/2018/02/26/sailfish-v3-sets-its-sights-on-4g-feature-phones/) Techcrunch, (https://gadgets.ndtv.com/mobiles/news/jolla-sailfish-3-os-feature-phones-new-devices-mwc-2018-1817366) NDTV and many more major websites and publications that wrote about our adventure, latest news and how we are on our path to capture different parts of a market which is thirsty for what we have to provide.
Our amazing community was, as always, present with us at the stand, helping us out especially with demoing Sailfish 3 to the public and the media, taking photos and videos of the event, giving us a hand with practically anything we asked of them to and overall being fantastic booth-babes which is always a good thing! So as always, massive thank you for your contributions!


Having so many people visiting us who already know our story is always a great experience at big events like MWC and just like last year, that was what we experienced!

Sailfish 3
This year is the year of Sailfish 3, meaning that a lot of our focus is going to be getting the newest iteration of Sailfish OS up and running for our users to enjoy and take advantage of its new features.

Sailfish 3 introduces a number of UI improvements and new gestures for an easier and more intuitive user experience, but most of the improvements are happening behind the UI. We are updating core libraries and Android app compatibility. We are making deep system-wide security improvements to make Sailfish devices more secure and enable users to be even more sure about privacy of their data. We're also improving support services for regional licensees to establish independent R&D centres by enabling steady releases & OS upgrades, local hosting, training, and a flexible feature set to support specific customer needs. We plan to roll out Sailfish 3 in phases to our customers and users starting in Q3.
Read more in our (https://jolla.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/MWC2018_press_release_FINAL.pdf?x54860) official press release
Sailfish 3 on feature phones
One of the biggest highlights of the MWC this year was the strong comeback of feature phones from many different manufacturers.

Here at Jolla we've also been hard at work, expanding the diversity of Sailfish 3 and bringing it onto 4G capable feature phones. Sailfish 3 makes them feel more usable, more premium and allows the devices to run selected Android apps. We believe there is a big opportunity in feature phone market for Sailfish 3. Millions of people are looking for an affordable solution that can take advantage of more modern applications available on current, more premium smartphones. Sailfish 3 for feature phones was showcased as a prototype on a sample device during MWC and was positively greeted by the audience.
Read more in our (https://jolla.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/MWC2018_press_release_FINAL.pdf?x5486) official press release
Expanding Sailfish X

Sailfish X as the world's only downloadable mobile OS has become a great success in terms of sales and popularity (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxWWO66zEH4) in the media and we get the message! That is why we are working on expanding Sailfish X for more devices. As we stated in our latest (https://blog.jolla.com/sailfish-x-whats-next/) Roadmap blog update Sailfish X is going to be available on the dual-SIM variant of Sony Xperia X (F5122) alongside devices that were not announced at the time.
We proudly announced during MWC that Sailfish X is soon going to be available on the new (https://www.sonymobile.com/global-en/products/phones/xperia-xa2/#gref) Sony Xperia XA2! We are also working with (https://www.planetcom.co.uk) Planet Computers to make Sailfish X available for the (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/gemini-pda-android-linux-keyboard-mobile-device-phone) the Gemini PDA!
Read more in our (https://jolla.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/MWC2018_press_release_FINAL.pdf?x54860) official press release

Sailfish on more INOI devices
Another highlight of Sailfish OS at MWC was a lineup of devices announced by our Russian partner INOI running Sailfish OS out of the box. The rugged INOI R7, made for tough working environments grabbed a lot of attention due to its shape and and durable appearance. INOI also showed off two tablets, named the INOI T8 and INOI T10 which will be targeted to Russian corporate customers.
Sailfish OS powered devices at our stand
This year, we had 10 devices running Sailfish OS ready for demos to the passers-by on the main table of our stand, with a glass box showcasing two of the hottest products, Sailfish OS on feature phones and Sailfish X on Sony Xperia XA2.


The Sailfish-powered devices we showcased included our very own limited edition Jolla C, the fresh and beautiful Sony Xperia XA2 alongside its brother, the Xperia X, Planet Computers Gemini PDA grabbing all the attention from the media and the people around it, Jala Accione and Accione P, Intex Aqua Fish, Inoi R7 and R7 Rugged and last but not least, the 8″ INOI T8 tablet.
A big thanks to all of the sailors who worked tirelessly to prepare everything for the event and put in long days during the event to spread the word as much as possible! Also, massive thank you to our amazing community both on the show floor and online, going above and beyond to help us with their positivity, superb skills and overall support towards our little company with big ambitions. We wouldn't be able to do it without any of you ❤
James Noori
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Entrada escrita por: Fernando Lanero Barbero
Terminal y:

yaourt -S hide-ff-title-bar-git --noconfirm

Mucho más sobre este MOD en: ubuntuleon.com
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